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A Brew of Helleborus Tea

With the moods of others becoming too cumbersome, twelve-year-old empath, Clover, feels her time as a healing tea handler will be cut short like her Auntie before her. Even more worrisome is the something sinister seeping into her dreams and family’s land following the Nan’s Aster Festival. As grisly scenes from her nightmares begin acting out in the town, Clover must use herbalist skills and bravery to heal the land and save those around her from the fretful future played out in her sleep.


Rota 1/1


An unexpected tender love develops between Eliotte Avery and the cursed artist painting her portrait. As his curse begins to disembogue to her, the ill-fated couple must decide which the curse will consume as time runs out to save them both.

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