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The menthol hits and the stoic FLORENCE KELLY drifts into a light-headed reverie—a sweet release amid her father’s bloodied disappearance while being back under the same roof as her estranged mother.

As the missing person's investigation plays out fruitlessly, Florence befriends a local man, William, who becomes another sweet release until he sours with the reveal of an eldritch secret that turns her world… well, otherworldly—and while his crux offers clarity on her supposed hallucinations, it muddles her reality of who and what she is.

Now, ensnared in the world of magic, Florence must associate with the strange for a spell inked in blood to discover the truth. That is if the prospect of revenge doesn’t overshadow her need for closure while an unassuming marionettist tugs at her strings.

Longhand is an Adult Urban Gothic and is book one in the planned Dolor Saga. 

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Metallic flakes fall from the sky as fourteen-year-old DUCKIE PURDIE meets the self-proclaimed Confetti King; a chipper ghost with no memories of life before death and immensely bad manners. 


Learning the hard way that avoiding him is not an option, she finds herself in an institution for troubled youth. Duckie then takes on the life-long challenge of discovering who he was while navigating the twist and turns of adolescence, adulthood, and old age.